Moving House


Been a while.

A couple of years ago I quit my blog Tucked Into a Corner for a SquareSpace page – well, I came to the realization that I really, really, really don’t like SquareSpace. I don’t find it as easy to use or as intuitive as WordPress.

With that in mind, I’ve begun cleaning up two blogs (and eight years worth of content!) and moving them back to WordPress.

Meet my new blog: Write One Craft One.

I’ve begun really trimming the fat from this blog, because it’s bogged down with years of old admin-posts, and cluttered with entirely too many haiku. I’m streamlining the new site so it’ll be largely poetry and flash fiction, and branching into various arts and craft as I do them. Eventually it’ll become a full-on site/shop in its own right. At the moment I’m discovering old work I forgot I’d even written, things that are well worth keeping, and slowly training myself into a more flexible schedule.

What’s different, then? Fewer categories. A cleaner look. Links to externally published work. Art. Crafts. Tucked Into a Corner has become dull and worn down, and I can’t really take so much pride in my SquareSpace site because I don’t like it.

As of now, I’ve culled everything from 2018, and slowly begun to rebuild. This post will stay as the top post on this site until all the old stuff is gone and moved over, and then Tucked Into a Corner will be deleted – deleting it won’t happen for a year or two, I shouldn’t think, but that depends on how much work I will be able to carry over.

Come join me over there, let’s catch up and enjoy something new. I’d love to see you there.

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