Monday, Monday – Etsy

I’ve been rattling around and killing time before the new job starts in a week. There’s a few things still to be done, and I’ve managed to get a couple of them done while still dealing with Second Sock Syndrome – or as I put it on Twitter, 1 3/4 Sock Syndrome. All that’s left of the first sock is literally to bind it off, tie off the toe and it’s done.

It has not yet taken my fancy to do it.

The Etsy store is humming along, another copy of Tiny Moments in PDF form sold the other day. I decided to run a little special for the next few weeks – bearing in mind it’s a new year, and I’m releasing my new chapbook in seven days. My Etsy store now has a sale going: if your order is under NZ $4.50, you can apply the code JANUARY18 and get 17% off. This runs until 1 March, so there’s plenty of time.

I’m also considering taking commissions of the blackout poetry technique. At the moment there’s several pieces already up, but commissions are a thing I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

My friend Abi Pearson is also running a promo on the ebooks she has out, and you can find out about the pricing here, and check out her etsy store here.

Thanks for reading and for the support!


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