Day 4: A Quick Reflection

I know. I said I wasn’t going to do so many of these, but I decided it’s a necessary bit of slack I need to cut for the first week of the year.

The way my brain feels right now is kind of like the weather outside my window: storm-tossed, a bit windy and going in all directions. My desktop has approximately 18 icons of fiction and poetry and half-started things (actually more like 1/20th started, because sometimes I get an idea that I need to write down lightning fast and I don’t even have the patience to unlock my phone) and that’s just a semi-conservative estimate.

I sent off a couple of poems to try and find their home, and I tried to work on another story which I know is kind of good and kind of not, but I ran out of ideas very quickly.

This afternoon I uncovered a coin purse, only coin purse is a misnomer owing to the fact that I have probably 40 pieces of paper folded up and stuffed inside, each of which has ideas. Along with a $1 coin, so I guess it’s only a coin purse in the loosest definition possible.

My old mobile, which I use for its QWERTY keyboard and snappy Notepad function, has 250 ideas. My current mobile has probably close to 300. There’s a lot bouncing around in the old grey matter and I can’t seem to settle to one idea to get anything done. I’m screenshotting tweets about lit mags who are taking submissions like there’s no tomorrow.

Also, the recruitment consultant I’ve been dealing with about a job is back in the office on Monday. I can wait another three and a half days.

I can.

I think.


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