Over Coffee (51)

At least… I think this is number 51. It’s been quite a while. Anyway, it’s Saturday, and it’s getting on for midnight, and I have been oddly busy today. Went out and voted, did chores and shopping, then Etsying.

So. Let’s have a midnight coffee, I’m sure that won’t go wrong in any way.

Do I smell of acrylic paint? I’m beginning to wonder if I do, because I’ve spent the last couple of hours painting some blackout-poetry-found-art fusiony type of thing. If nothing else, you probably can smell it in the air. I’ll crack a window. Maybe someone has a woodfire going and that scent can take over. Mind you it’s early spring, not much call for fire to keep warm.

I’m also on the job-search now, which is especially fun this close to Christmas. The other day I heard someone saying it’s just 13 weeks left, which is odd.

Photos of the found-art thing to come.

How have you been?

4 thoughts on “Over Coffee (51)”

      1. basically doing a collage of stuff clipped out of both, trying to capture a bit of each’s style, so maybe the NYorker’s cartoon captions without the cartoon or only a portion of the cartoon. etc. Don’t know if it would work but i’m thinking about it. 🙂


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