Another Interlude

I’ve been beavering away recently. The Etsy store isn’t going to replenish itself, and I sold out one item (although in all fairness it did only have one copy of that particular item). I’ve been finding loose pages to make book art, and digging back through past stories on here to find things for blackout art. Last night it occurred to me that the trick with the books is Dadaist in itself. Cool by me.

(Incidentally, if you’re interested in what I have on the store, there’s a link to the store at the top of the blog page. There may be poetry involved, if you like poetry.)

Also, I went on YouTube and watched a tutorial and now I’ve taught myself to loom-knit socks. I did a practice one that looks pretty good, I only dropped one stitch so that’s a bit not good, but also there’s a solid heel and the toe is well-cinched. Pics to come, if I can do one that’s even better.

There were Cauldron Anthology duties to get on with, and we’re extending the deadline for Issue 3 submissions – the new deadline is 30 September. Theme is Valkyrie, and we’re taking poetry, art, prose, and flash fiction. Come have a browse here.

Lastly, I’ve been rescheduling and planning a new blog schedule. You’ll see it starting Monday as I get things together for new Etsy uploads – if I play my organization abilities right I could be doing 10-15 new uploads very shortly. From there, the rest of the week will be following part of a pattern I have already established, and a couple of new pieces.

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