Done In a Jiffy

That seems to be some kind of weird time motto I’m secretly using nowadays. Everything seems to be zipping by – time is strange, warping around me, stealing fifty minutes to write a poem and four minutes waiting for a bus. My brain is always scattered, thinking fast, dividing up ideas into three cozy little categories. There’s so much noise sometimes.

I’ll have this done in a jiffy, I promise myself. Half the time this is a lie. Books flip past me, easy-reads selected for how soon I can chew it up and close the cover again – and yet the words still form shapes in my mind, streams of words in their sentences twisting like water around rocks in my brain.

Er, that’s not to say I have rocks for brains. More like there’s something in my brain that acts like a sticky note, and the water washes over it. Crap, this metaphor is not going well. Kind of like how last night there was the attempt at Poem #3 and it ran off, mutated into Some Other Thing and buggered off to join a travelling show.

I updated the Etsy store page on here last night. That was clever of me, but it didn’t really need any special cleverness. Just a bit of quick thought. Well. At least it didn’t need my HTML non-expertise.

Turns out I can read and type in English whilst singing in Italian. Or Spanish. And I’ve done this in a jiffy, and there’s Spanish in my ears. Clever, I suppose.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sensible. I’ll be back with a poetry review. If you have a poetry chapbook and you’re interested in getting it read/reviewed, maybe drop me a line on Twitter: @tuckedinacorner.

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