Back on Track, Part 5

I feel like I’ve done this a lot this year, made attempts to reboot this blog from the ashes. Flash Fiction August is ended not with a bang, but with a whimper – the other night I was struggling to get past 300 words on a piece that I wanted to be 1,000. There’s been a lot rattling in my brain recently, possibly the biggest of which is I’m trying to get a new job.

Hopefully I’ll hear back from the agency this week – I ran through two interviews last week, I think it went well but I’m not that great at judging.

Right now I’ve got a bit of free downtime, and also I’ve got on a ghostly white face mask on that makes me look like I’ve recently exited a swamp. I spent some time earlier working on The Main Project – in related news I did a new poem, but I won’t be posting it here. Re. Tiny Moments, if you’re interested.

We had a short thunderstorm this evening, and I plotted about simply resuming regular schedules for at least the end of this year. We’re four months out from Christmas, I’ve still got my handy-dandy timeline thing hanging around and I think I’m abiding by it pretty well. Deliberately left myself a few inches of wiggle room.

Right… so now I’ve got a new poem circling the brain, I’d best go put it to paper before it eludes me in the dead of night.


2 thoughts on “Back on Track, Part 5”

  1. I think it’s normal to fall in and out of trying to set routine habits like writing etc! Certainly the rattling in the brain doesn’t help, but thinks get better with time, and finding a jobs can be a pain in the backside.
    Good luck to you, I’m sure great things will come soon.

    P.s I always enjoy reading your day-to-days and your poems 🙂


    1. Yes, that’s true – maybe it’s some kind of burnout from always pushing myself to write so much – that I go without for weeks and then write 3 poems in the span of a night. I’d pretend to be joking, but I don’t think I can do it convincingly.

      I wound up not getting that job, but my current agency is sort of “We’ve got you on the books and want to keep you on the books” so that helps.

      *flails with embarrassed delight and ducks under the table* Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy them – I’m actually doing a second Poem Project which is no longer a Total Secret. Just a low-key secret. I suppose I should scoot off and try to do a new poem.


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