A Mid-Year Update

I know, it’s not exactly mid-year anymore. Not properly, that ship sailed weeks ago, but last night I sat down and covered two sides of A4 paper in unnaturally-neat writing, spanning an Ultimate List of Things for 2017. I have prepared for several things, the first of which is considering ditching Letters to Euturpe, and the last of which is on the precipice of 2018.

I won’t tell you everything, because that will spoil the surprises, but I will be adding tiny bits and pieces on here as I go along… in fact, I already started, the other night when I had Fun With HTML. Hint, it involved a bullet-pointed list.

I now know what I’ll be doing from now until December, and that will be launching an empire continuing plans to upgrade this blog to be what I want it to be. Planning is great fun, it’s awesome, but it’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t meet goals and then it’s just sad. Looking at the timeline though, August is next week so I should probably warn you now: Flash Fiction August.

Last year, it was Flash Fiction July, and I banged out 31 stories. This year I didn’t get my mistress list together in time for July, and August is the next month with 31 days. August it is, then. I’ll be doing prompts on Twitter/Instagram, writing to them and linking them back to a homepage I create on here. Join me, if you like. I’d love it if you did.

Also! August has a blog tour thing. My friend Abi has been at work on her new chapbook, and she’s doing some promo. We’ve actually been talking a lot about a massive tour, in which we find and read and promote poetry. Kind of a giant symbiotic awesome thing – check it out here. I’ve had a read through during the creating stage, and the poems are fantastic. If you’re interested, let me know, or swing by and tell her. We’d love to hear from you.

Also in August is the Other Thing I have been planning, but requires more building.

September is to be more chill so is October, though really I have no ability to chill, and therefore will be more magics. In December I’m going to overhaul my blog schedule for 2018, so for now will loosely follow along what I’ve already been doing. Throughout the year I’m intending more Etsy work and also expanding my plans – I just have to draw up a schedule for that.

I’m now trying to sing in Spanish, so here seems like a good place to finish. See you tomorrow with my first flash fiction in months.


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