Letters to Euturpe: 65

AKA Sarah’s Adventures in HTML.

Okay. Breathing quietly now. I am calm. I am bright.

Shoot, that sounded remarkably like an egotistical Christmas carol… nah, I’m not starting this post over. Took me ages to remember what number this post is supposed to be.

You guys. I had so much trouble with the HTML code tonight and I probably should have studied some kind of online HTML for daft creatures of the night, but I didn’t and so here we are. See, it all began when I decided there was a page which needed updating. Do HTML, they said on Google. It will be fun, they said on Google.

Oh, dear. I tweaked one line. Everything went screwy. I untweaked it and things went screwier. I Googled the correct piece of code (how can five characters alter something so completely – no, actually, forget I asked) and put it in place.

In the distance, a cicada chirped.

I added the code, and spent an hour Goldilocksing my way around trying to get things just right. The format went fine on Part A, for instance, but B and C were so not-fine you’d think the council was trying to make money off it.  It’s going fine, I assured myself, teeth gritted against Round 17. I will get there.

I finally did, but now I am here writing what should be a creative writing prompt and hoping for a thunderstorm for midnight amusement.

I just wanted to update a page.

(Also, let’s play a treasure hunt – see if you can find which page it is, and there is a secret pot of gold which will reveal itself when you are ready)

Good grief this got lengthy. Prompt for the week, I’m throwing the windows wide open:

Go nuts. It’s a wildcard prompt this week –  there is no prompt, but to write that thing which has been itching in the back of your mind for the last 19 days. I feel you, mate, I’ve got about 490 of them.


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