Word Crush Monday: Rowling

Monday, and I’m not doing too well at the blog-daily thing. I should probably rework the schedule, but I forget. My mind is so cluttered lately, I sometimes think I should build a mind map or something. Build a mental house and make a library, or something.

Cauldron Anthology has closed off submissions for the second issue, and now we’re pondering the third issue’s theme. It’s already the third issue! I can’t quite believe it somehow, it seems just like a couple of days it was being conceptualized.  The theme will be announced on Twitter once we’ve all worked out what it will be.

On the topic of mental clutter, I think I’ve found my quote for the week. I chewed through half a dozen skinny cozy mysteries, and still none of them appealed to a review. My Goodreads list is going well, which is a bonus.

Quote for the week comes from J. K. Rowling (I really need to quote more women on here):

Secretly we’re all a little more absurd than we make ourselves out to be.


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