Letters to Euturpe: 63

There was a brilliant thunderstorm today, all heavy-duty rain and flicks of lightning. I was watching the rain and feeling ideas just flip through my brain like when you flip a stack of flashcards. It was awesome, I think it’s my best weather. Peak weather.

Cauldron Anthology is winding down the second submission period, we close in 10 days (New Zealand time) and are still looking for lovely wild pieces on the Sphinx – we’re wanting art, prose, poetry and essays. I think I said last night, I’m planning a short essay for it. I have not written an essay since 2014, so this will be An Experiment.

(Also, if I wind up with an unerring delight in writing essays all over the place, please take away my book supply)

Anyway. The Letters prompt for the week – and I’m throwing it wide open. Write whatever you fancy. It’s no longer a challenge for a single type of writing – are below:

  • Diversion
  • Lightning
  • Tempest

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