Day 186

So. I’m back, only not really because all the things I’ve been planning have sort of gone by the wayside a little bit.

A while ago I mentally summarized how the past year has been, or the last six months, or something. I don’t really remember it, but I do remember hitting some main keys. The bulletpoints on a PowerPoint presentation, if you will. I tried to keep it in chronological order, but my mind is in a frenzy right now. I’m thinking of an essay, a flash fiction and at least five poems. My Wunderlist app has a “To Write” section which is getting out of hand.

I made tea today, and thought about the topic for Cauldron Anthology’s second issue (Sphinx, just FYI) and my mind went zipping all over the show, retrieved an idea from somewhere in the depths of my subconscious. For the first time in three years I’m mulling over an essay.

My plans are still bitty, though I don’t think that’s looking like a real word right now. At the moment I’m ruminating if I need to revamp my blog program, switch out things from the old routine I used to have going. I think I might.

And at the same time I’m dwelling on knitting, I’ve got two inches of a scarf knit so far and it’s going to be in ribbing but I put it into a bag and I don’t know if I need to be using a row counter. There’s a hat on a loom, 98% done, just needs binding off and closing. I think I’ll return to my old programming for the rest of this week, and perhaps not do Flash Fiction July. There are other months with 31 days, so there’s still time to write 31,000 words of fiction in a month.

Besides, I need a 31-day grocery list of prompts.

Okay. Tomorrow, back to Letters to Euturpe.


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