growth + wisdom + catapult

catapulted from
an abstract state of mind, it’s
time to start thinking.
there’s something to think about,
and it gives such a challenge.


learning by rote and
by doing; there’s something to
be said for wisdom.
(which one gives the best result?
it’s hard to be truly sure)


learn on and call it
growth, a miser hoarding a stash
of knowledge, using it
sparingly. growth is stunted,
and the miser is stagnant.


7 thoughts on “growth + wisdom + catapult”

  1. Learn from everywhere you like. Learn anyhow you can. Just make sure learning is taken place, and you are impacting the world with your knowledge and skills. Thanks for writing this great poem!


    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s not a perfect week, but it’s been pretty good. I’ve had a scratchy throat for the last 3 days, so that’s annoying, but I did just finish Hat #6 so I suppose it balances out.

      Hope your week is going well.


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