Off the Hook Monday, Round 1

I’m back! I spent three days partially crook at home, sore throat that is tickling again. I also spent a bit of time ruminating over where this blog is headed – a mini hiatus, really – and decided the Word Crush Monday wasn’t doing it for me. Instagram seems like a good place for quotes, though I’m still debating whether or not to do that. Seems a bit cliche.

Anyway. You might know that I knit, and a while back after failing at knitting on the round with circular needles, I picked up a loom. Several, in fact, of varying sizes.

You guys. I am in love with the loom-knitting. After an initial bewilderment in which I produced a tiny hat, and a second, I made a third hat which might fit a young adult. My fourth hat, I struck gold, so to speak, and conjured an adult-sized hat which fits me perfectly. Here it is:

My first adult-sized hat! 

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