Letters to Euturpe: 60

I think I might be getting a cold. My throat’s been scratchy today, which is never fun. On the bright side of things I received in a small shipment of wool today, which is always fun. I’ve just loomed a few more rows of a hat, and this wool is very thick – it does wonderful things for the pattern of the stitches.

Also, the wool sparkles.

Prompts for the week:

  • Breakfast
  • Ideal
  • Toast.

5 thoughts on “Letters to Euturpe: 60”

  1. Looking forward to seeing some of your finished articles as you knit them, it used to be one of my favorite pass times, don’t seem to find the time now, too much time writing on my blog.


    1. I think I’ll start a Monday thing with finished pieces – I’m finding that as I work on the looms, I tear through one probably every second night. I’m hooked!

      It’s a shame that you don’t knit any longer – I’m trying to tone down the extensive non-writing, so I kind of know what you mean. Creating things is addicting, isn’t it?


    1. It is fun! I’m in love with the gorgeous colours and I think the only saving grace on my wallet is that the shop is located in another city that’s not easily accessible to me…

      Oh, but their shipping is so cheap…


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