Housekeeping, Part 23

Well, it feels like Part 23. It’s Sunday evening and I don’t have a prompt for haiku that I like, and I’ve yet to do the Duolingo German practice.

It’s Sunday, and I’m several weeks out from my birthday, weeks now, so I guess I’m in the right frame of mind for a Let’s Question Everything Sarah, game.

First things first… Flash Fiction July. I’m gathering ideas close for it, gearing up to write 31,000 words of fiction in July because 50,000 in November just doesn’t do it. Once, I set a goal for writing one million words. I wonder how close I am to that now. OK, I’ve resurrected the goal.

Second, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about the purpose of the blog. It’s all very well to simply write day-to-day, and creative odds and ends, but the bottom line is it’s a bit directionless. Have you heard of hygge?  That Danish concept of cosiness? When I first heard about it, it sort of struck a note with me, but that origin story is one for another day.

To that end, I may take some time off from blogging, restructure plans and consider how the land lies. A bit random, I know, but these ideas won’t collect and collate themselves. I’ve been sitting on too many ideas for too long.

Third, the novels. Well, that’s a whole other kettle o’ fish, and I’m considering bringing in a bit of a prelude to the cozy mystery series I seem to have begun when I wasn’t looking. Er, well, one of them anyway. There’s still a series I have plotted out, and… you know, I think I’ll just stop talking.

So, I may go quiet for a week or two soon, and then come back with new plans and news. That’s all.

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