Over Coffee: 49

If we were having coffee, I’d be hurriedly tucking away a skein of wool and turning down the German pop music before you get here. I’ve just taught myself how to make a hat – unfortunately, I picked the wrong loom size and the wrong weight of wool, so now I have an infant-sized hat in a very heavy wool.

It’s a bit lumpy, but it’s good for a Saturday-night accomplishment.

I’d tell you about the mysteries I’ve been reading and setting out a plate of home-made gingersnaps. At least, I think they’re gingersnaps. They’re lovely biscuits, at any rate.

Also, I’ll tell you a bit about the month of poetry I just did, and the month of flash fiction I’m preparing myself for. This one is a challenge I set to myself last year and this year I’m going to try and see if more people are interested – challenges are a lot more fun with someone else on board, don’t you think?

Tell me about you. What have you been up to?


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