Letters to Euturpe: 58

Thursday again. I’m still quietly generating ideas, this time whilst sitting unsuspectingly at the dinner table. The list really is getting ridiculous, and I must do something about it. I was thinking the other night, one day I’ll write out every idea from my phone and old iPod and computer files… drag up all the ideas, and it will go from shopping-list length to an entire exercise book.

I’ve also been training my brain, doing memory exercises (and certainly not practicing deducing people). I don’t know if it’s working, but I do know that three nights ago I had an idea and could recall it easily without having it written down, so.

Letters prompts for the week (and, by the way, I’m reopening this to creative fiction of all kinds. Poetry of any shape/form, prose etc) are below:

  • Calm
  • Ocean
  • Sheet


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