Word Crush Monday: Shelley

Well, I do believe winter has come a-knockin’. It’s been nippy noodles the last few days, absolutely pelting with rain one day and then bright sunshine the next. Crisp, is the word I’m thinking of. You know the feeling, all cold bright sunlight?


I’ve just been writing out A List of the top… 17 writing projects on my mind. I have a lot of them, and it’s probably neither fair nor true to call everything a project, because some of them are just the little scraps that make up a project. Like a patchwork quilt.

That reminds me, I want to learn to knit a hat. I decided on Twitter earlier I would just go straight to knitting. I wonder if it’s easier to do on a loom… must research that. One time I tried it on circular needles, didn’t reduce the stitches properly, and consequently made a grand muck-up. Imagine, if you will, 80 stitches. You should reduce to about… oh, I don’t know, 60. I halved it.

Anyway! On to the quote of the week, and weekend depending I may even write a book review for next week.

From Percy Bysshe Shelley:

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

1 thought on “Word Crush Monday: Shelley”

  1. Circular articles can be made by crochet easier, rather than by knitting. Works opposite way, by crocheting from the inside inner circle, then expanding outwards, until you get the right size to wear. You can search online for crochet patterns. Use simple stitches you can do, like the double crochet or treble. Good luck.


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