Over Coffee (43)

If we were having coffee you’d be coming over and I’m running a bit off-kilter today. I’m editing a story and at this point the pages are covered in red, green highlighter all over the place. If it weren’t for the fact that green highlighter is very neon I’d almost accuse it of looking Christmassy.

Sorry, I meant to get the kettle on before you got in. I’ll just quietly disappear the story as I go – what coffee do you want? I think I’m having tea today, something in the weather seems to demand it. Earlier this afternoon I felt quite cold, or was that yesterday? Either way, time for something warming. Cozy.

I’m still not going to outright tell you about the Secret Things. I wonder if you’ve guessed? What do you think I’m not mentioning?

(Okay, there’s a couple of things, but which is the really important one?)

Still job hunting, still finding things that might be useful. It’s a bit slow going right now.

How have you been?


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