Day 74

So I’m kind of not in the right headspace for new writings tonight. Or I am, but I produced two new poems the other night and spent a good few hours just… let’s say going over a handful of my own poetry, like a miser counting gold coins. I could possibly do a flash fiction but then my fingers would have to flash over the keyboard in time with my brain, and that’s not happening at this time of night because I have dramatic German opera in my ears and non-opera in my brain.

Anyway!  Suffice it to say I worked out A Thing, with a lot of help from my friend (you know who you are) and am very pleased with the end result. I won’t tell you all of it right now, because I want to test the water first.

Also, I have to do Sensible Things in the morning, and I wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed. This mischief has been a good five months in the making, but it’s probably better that I refrained for the time being.


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