Over Coffee (41)

If we were having coffee it’d be at home. I’m not tempted to go out in this weather – it’s been raining buckets the last few days, and it’s quite annoying. Thanks for coming over, by the way.

I’m playing with my camera, trying to work out how to correctly load a roll of film, which isn’t something I’ve had to do in years. Mainly I’ve used digital or phone cameras for all my photography needs, of which there have been few. Still. I’ve got it into my head to take the film camera, get a bus somewhere and then go walkies looking for things.

Also, my thoughts have been scattered all over the place moreso than usual – hold on a sec, I just need to write this thing down. If I don’t, then I won’t remember it to look it up and that will drive me mad. My thoughts have been zipping from one place to another today, faster than usual.

There’s a scroll of knitting on the table, do you like it? It’s going to be a scarf, I was originally going to make a blanket but then decided knitting a blanket is an endeavour which will require another type of wool and more of it.

Still on the Job Hunt Express but today I applied for another role which was lodged with the employment agency I was with previously. The other applications haven’t panned out so far.

How have you been?


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