I’m doing that thing again where I stare at a blank screen and can’t work out what to write. 10 minutes of free-write it is, then. Just to get something working.

It’s all very strange. I keep conjuring up ideas but never get the neurons firing right to be able to take them from skeleton-ideas to fully-developed ideas, and today I calculated I have about 500 memo’s and notepad-ideas and Wunderlist notes. Half of them are bare-bones type of thing, so it’s kind of like a penguin trying to lead a cat away from fish.

Also, I think my frequent Duolingo practice has scrambled my brain. On the bright side, I’m seeing how much of my high-school German I have retained. Spoiler alert, it’s quite a lot.

Ugh. I put a half-teaspoon of honey in my tea so it’s not bitter, and now I’m drinking the dregs and it’s cloying. Badly done. I like not that.

Four minutes remain and I don’t have the patience to try and write for all of them, so a six-minute freewrite it is. There’s poems for me to peruse, somewhere.


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