Letters to Euturpe: 49

Today I began a fun new project: loom knitting. It’s magic. I’m trying to teach myself, and so far I think I’m doing OK, which possibly means I’m five peg-stitches away from mucking it all up. I began trying to make a hat, but then midway realized I was on a too small loom for it, so then figured I’d go with a sock. Can’t go wrong with socks.

… Until you sort of stitch it all together in one lumpy bobbly thing, and then you don’t understand how to do the heel so you’re just kind of stabbing at the loops and making more rows, but nothing coherent. Ah, well. I digress.

I began writing this post last night, when I thought yesterday was Thursday. I think time’s just an illusion.

Prompts for the week:

  • Box
  • Diary
  • Tea

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