whilst driving

she drives a lot.

there’s always something
to criticize,
when she’s on the road.
one: the cat’s eyes in the middle
are spaced too far apart.
they don’t help when
it’s dark.

two: the diners are
all the same.
the food tastes like travel
and plastic wrapping,
looks like an afterthought.

she records these
in a travel journal she didn’t buy
for this purpose.

three: her car is
breaking down. every morning
the engine coughs to life
and when she flicks the key in
the ignition
it sputters.

the guy at the garage
tells her it’s fine,
when she goes to get it checked over.
drives it twenty minutes
without an issue.
she pays the fee resentfully
and taps the accelerator
on the way out.

it’s familiar:
there is always something to
it’s easy to do,
easier still to improve
so she does.

eventually she
runs out of road.

4 thoughts on “whilst driving”

  1. I love that you incorporated 2 prompts into this. I pictured coasting down a highway in America eating take-out diner burgers in an old banger with a rusty engine! Brilliant writing 🙂


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