Word Crush Monday: Picasso

I’ve made an executive decision. It starts with the lack of book review and ends with the desire to not yap on about Life and Other Things. I blame the fanfiction: I took up a new fandom and that means I have to also immerse myself in the fanfiction. Admittedly I’ve not written anything new on that side of things for literal years, but hope springs eternal.

(Incidentally, that’s probably how I wind up sitting at my computer to write and end up grabbing phone, pen and post-it notes so I can record all the other ideas. Hmm…)

Anyway. Mondays were originally reserved for book reviews, but I’ve decided that failing that I will provide a quote. Monday seems like a good day to get a new quote, don’t you think?

Without further ado, from Picasso:

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

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