Monday Book Review: Killer Kung Pao

Okay! Back on the book reviews, though I haven’t made my proper outline. I actually haven’t read something and then thought, “Shoot, I should really spend time reviewing this.” Just kind of burned my way through a pile of eBooks each day.

Killer Kung Pao.

My summary: Murder at the natural-health convention.

Plot: Thin in places. I felt it sort of moseyed around a bit. Feels like there’s a lot of exposition and setting the scene, heavy on dialogue. I noted it took 7 chapters before the storyline got going, and chapter 1 alone was spent in an elevator. To me nothing really stood it; felt like it was trying a bit to be this, but also that and maybe some other thing. They wander along finding clues and in Piper’s case drooling after some hunky Texan, who as far as I could remember only went by his business nickname. Also, Piper buys online flashcards to study How To Be A PI.

The murderer: At least two red herrings. I had to go back and re-read the ending to see who it was, and it wasn’t someone I really expected. Fine by me. Reasoning fits into the cozy-mystery List O’Reasons.

Characters: Piper annoyed me somewhat, she keeps mentally referencing “holy chocolate” products. Holy chocolate babka, schnitzel… Enough times that I was almost tempted to make a tally. Has a cool elderly aunt who is the real star, I felt. Also, Piper studies a few flashcards and begins thinking of “her P.I. instincts” and “the P.I. in me” which… no, I didn’t like that. A few pieces of paper and one dead body do not a P.I. make. Rest of the cast was a bit much – maybe a few too many people for my taste. Things got jumbled (mind, I wasn’t paying full attention) and I couldn’t remember the one whodunnit of my own accord. For me it’s a good story if I can close the book, go away and then open it back up and still remember who did it.

Cover and title: Blonde woman, pink-sunset cover. “Killer” is idiosyncratic to the series and a cute pun.

Overall 2 stars. Light, easy-reading. Too many characters spoil things, and the plot was a bit blah, though I did like reading something a bit divorced from my normal food cozies, and it wasn’t difficult to see the influence of other cozies throughout.

Food comparison: Jam sandwich on white bread. Better than nothing in a pinch, but not going to be satisfying for long.

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