2017: Some Preliminaries

I’m now planning things for this year. I really should have done that already, but I make plans and then forget about them. Seriously can’t count all the drifty thoughts that appear and race off at whim.

Anyway! The 2017 blog schedule will follow as such (I’m telling you this for the sake of accountability):

  • Monday: from next week, a return to the book reviews. I’ve got my goal of reading 300 books this year, and a list of guidelines for reading through the lens of a reviewer.
  • Tuesday, haiku.
  • Wednesday: micro-fiction.
  • Thursday: Letters to Euturpe.
  • Friday: flash fiction.
  • Saturday: Over Coffee.
  • Sunday: haiku.

Also planning other writingly ventures – incidentally I’ve been doing some language-learning with an app, and last night it kept banging on about I write this and I read. That app knows things, yo.

There was also that list of Secret Things I meant to begin on here and forgot yesterday. That will happen soon. Probably.

Goals for the year include arting harder, producing more poetry and fiction, and maybe… mumble mumble novel.

Happy New Year!


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