Over Coffee (31)

If we were having coffee, it’d be a cafe deal after Something Cultural. Maybe the museum or gallery, I don’t know.

It’s a pretty nice day, all clear skies and sunlight all over the place. Is it a bit daft to wear sunglasses inside? I feel like it is, and also that would be rude, so I won’t. Let’s sit away from the windows instead.

I’m drinking a latte today – this cafe doesn’t do affogato, which is a shame. I’ve only had it a time or two but am quite fond of it. Super-strong coffee and ice-cream? Yes please.

Have you read any good books lately? I finished one book last night which I didn’t like very much, I found it to sort of lose its sense of direction and kind of go all over the place after a specific point. This last week I’ve been steadily diminishing a pile of books from the library and then after that I’ll dig into my supply of eBooks. That library will last me weeks.

Oh. Do you like my hair, by the way? It’s ombre now, I got bored and got the kit for a DIY. It’s not quite blonde in places, and I’m just waiting on the colour to settle down. New year, new hair… Why do you suppose so many hair colours and cosmetics are named for food?

Do you have any grand plans for ushering in 2017? I’m just staying in, curled under a blanket with the aforementioned pile of books. Probably drop off early in the night, I’m not a big reveller.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


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