Over Coffee (30)

If we were having coffee, we’d be meeting in one of those places that doesn’t have a lot of customers.

It’s been a fairly sunny Christmas Eve but the temperature can’t make up its mind. Are you all organized for the day tomorrow? What are you doing for lunch/dinner?

Let’s talk about 2017. We’re almost at the stage where it’s next week, does that feel crazy to you as well? I think I’ll just have a plain hot chocolate today. There’s something about a soy hot chocolate cafe-made that’s inherently more delightful than the packet-mix I do at home.

I’ve got a few plans lined up for the year, but the thing I really will need to do is find a new job. I’m also planning to create my Goodreads challenge for the year – I’m thinking 200 books.

What do you have in mind for the year?


4 thoughts on “Over Coffee (30)”

  1. 200! I don’t think one can read 200 books and have a job or a life i’m aiming for 15 most of them math and theology tezt book.
    This year i chenge my coffe, now i only drink black no sugar… i love it


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