Day 354

Gadzooks, that’s surprising. I like to put the date into Google sometimes, because Google is far better at maths than I could ever hope to be, and see how many days in the year it is.

I’ve just finished a secret thing – spent ages (read: five minutes) debating it before finally thinking, screw it, what’s the worst that can happen?, and went on about my merry way. Today was meant to be a day of creative writing but the prompt didn’t appeal to me, so here I am decluttering things. Mind you, in the past week I’ve done a flash fiction and a poem which is practically breaking that mind-block.

Is it still a flash fiction if it’s 1,500 words? Does that sort of push the outer limits bearing in mind it’s normally classified as maybe 1,000 or under, or is that rule just me?

Tomorrow: haiku day. Upcoming: maybe a year in review, if I can think of fun things to review.




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