Over Coffee (29)

If we were having coffee, I’d be telling you about the new story I managed to write this week. I haven’t the foggiest idea of how to describe it, but I’ve secretly sent it off to make its way in the world.

Oops. Now I’ve told you it’s less of a secret. You heard nothing, right? I’m pouring a part-packet of sugar into my hot chocolate – even though the weather is warming up, I refuse to ingest iced beverages. That sort of shenanigan doesn’t quite sit right with me, somehow.

Also, it’s eight days until Christmas, so let’s discuss that. What are your plans? Have you got all your shopping done? I did the last of mine today and it was almost an overwhelming experience being in the mall – nearly too much of a sensory overload. Reminded me that next year I’ll have to buy things online, like I normally do.

The writer’s block is slowly melting away in the sun. I like to think of it now as an iceberg, not a ladder that must be climbed. If anything, I’ve begun taking my pick-axe to it, and the summer is finally warming up. It’s less daunting than it was before.

How has your week been?


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