Housekeeping, Part 15

Have I run 15 editions of housekeeping already? No, I have my doubts. I think I just threw in that number because it seems as good a number as any.

Well, anyway. With January so close around the corner I’ve been rethinking how to work the blog. I’ve been a bit too narrowed in on the real-life things lately, and inconsistent with the poetry/flash fiction for which I created this blog.

At the moment I’ve been working on refining some kind of 2017 schedule, which may be pared down to six days a week, allowing me a bit of extra time for writing Other Things. (Like the story I began tonight… the poetry from the other night… the poetry from the other other night… bugger.) I’m also thinking about Letters to Euturpe, which I think I’ve declared to be a poetry challenge but also what if I removed the song aspect and just prompted words? What do you think of six posts per week, instead of seven?

My mind is normally scattered, but now it’s all over the place. I’m doing the tabbed browsing (I think actually I’ll make it a goal for the year to cut down on that) and I made a spreadsheet, I’ve missed out doing at least one secret thing I intended to because I’m not well-organized… Ah. There’s goal 2 for 2017.

I hear good things about “bullet journals”, what do you think? Hyped and worth it?


7 thoughts on “Housekeeping, Part 15”

      1. I tried for a while, but really I work better with my to-do list in my line of sight. But I do journal, I bind my own journals because that way I can have the super pretty journals I like for around $6 instead of $25-$30.


      2. Fair enough. I tried a to-do list once, hated it. It didn’t sit right somehow. Maybe the “flow” of a bullet journal will do me better.

        You bind your journals? I’d love to know how that works, is it easy?

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      3. I found a tutorial on YouTube. The best bit is that I can use thick fabric or wallpaper with interesting prints, and have pretty much whatever cover I want.


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