Tabula Rasa

I’m actively kind of surprised at myself, that I have’t already used this as a blog title… well, today’s not a creative sort of day. I’ve been all at odds and ends and my computer successfully aggravated me to no end tonight, so here we are.

Last night, thanks to The Roadworks, I managed to write two new poem drafts! I’m pretty happy with them but they need a bit of shine first. I mean, that’s along with the other stack of poetry I have going. My mind is basically a blank slate at this point, but I’m working on it. I’ve managed to begun breaking down the writer’s block into something manageable which is fun.

The experiment is going well.

Also, it’s Friday. I have a bit of Friday-itis going on, I spent half of yesterday trying to remember what the day was, with little success. No matter. It’s nearly Saturday and Saturdays are a special day which don’t involve alarm clocks!

See you tomorrow for coffee.


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