until later (150)

fifteen years, is the date always in place. somewhere on a computer, there’s a calendar app with fifteen years from now circled. there’s a tally, a countdown app that lets the date be selected and the days count down.

it’s plenty of time, so it gets shoved to the little box in the back of the mind. there’s always so much else to do, and so it gets put off for months – there are so many months left to come, after all. why work too many miles in advance?

five years pass in the blink of an eye; then seven. soon enough it’s the halfway point and there’s still so much time left. who knows what to do with this much?

(take it to the bank; it’s a currency they don’t recognize)

another two years blink by; it’s been fourteen, and time is running out.

the mad scramble begins.

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