Housekeeping, Part 17

At least it feels like Part 17 that I’ve done this. I’ve given it a great deal of thought (read: two minutes) and decided that from now on I might shuffle around my schedule a bit. Swap Friday and Monday, so that on Fridays are the book reviews and Monday is flash fiction.

I just did maths for no apparent reason and it’s been such a long week that I’m about to light a candle and stare into space while ruminating over the new Project I’m working on. Bloody hell, this week.

Other housekeeping: I’m disengaging from my Facebook page and working on building engagement on Instagram. Didn’t like Pinterest all that much, and I am fond of Twitter. Still doing my 1,001 projects. We’ll catch up over coffee tomorrow.

(By the way. Has anyone ever heard of a pub in a tree, in England, that dates back to maybe 1106? Asking for history.)


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