Day 316

I seem to be low on inspiration today – and in fact this week. I suspect it’s due to the fact that I’m juggling half a dozen writing projects and at this time of the week, my brain is running on fumes… On the bright side I got a new poem done last night, but I’m not planning to post it up here.

It’ll be a little longer, but I have a poetry-goal in mind, one that is taking shape with every new poem I put together.

This afternoon I came up with how to work in a particular line to one poem and now I think it’ll run thematically through three poems, binding them together with a theme within a theme. A subtheme, as it were. There’s subtext and I love these poems, I love what I’m writing. These are my favourite days, when I read back over what I wrote and love it – love the way I selected and arranged words, the way I made wordplays, the way I shaped something.

I think I’ll call it a writing breakthrough.

Tomorrow, a proper Over Coffee.


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