Time Machine is Broken

Worn out from months of use, I imagine. The warranty on that thing must be very limited. I’ve run out of time to speed-read a book and review it tonight: the goal is an early night and I’ve just spent thirteen minutes capturing stray dinner-thoughts that will soon grow up to become poems.

I also spent part of the day scheming schemes and tomorrow NaNoWriMo starts. I warn you now, this blog may descend into November mayhem. What is time? What even are days and how do they all work?

Twitter will probably share the madness. I might in fact do a little link-up so my tweets feed into my blog. There’s a goal here and it ends in some kind of major internet symbiosis so I can do magic. You know, as you do.

Anyway. I fully intend to finish reading a mystery for next Monday and then create a clever little template I can use for all the following reviews.


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