Monday Book Review: Frosted Shadow

Back on the book reviews! Yay. It’s occurred to me that if I remained logged in with my Goodreads account and marked every book I’ve read, I would have a really long list.

OK. So, Frosted ShadowSpoilers ahead.

My summary: Toni Diamond is a make-up selling businesswoman, bit of a knack for trouble and a keen eye for selling her product.

Plot: It trots along fairly quickly. If it were a TV episode the murder would have been wrapped up by the end of the episode and the protagonist herself is threatened directly; sometimes they are not. There are other books following so you know she makes it out OK. One thing I disliked about the plot is the sexytimes between her and her apparent love interest. Could’ve done without that, I find. It’s one scene, but unnecessary – hence my star rating. The mystery is pieced together bit-by-bit and there’s a nod to Sherlock Holmes, which stopped me knocking more stars off.

The murderer: Not who you might expect, bit of a background character. Reasoning is a bit thin, but… wait, I just remembered my own NaNoWriMo murder mystery. I have no room to talk.

Moving swiftly on.

Characters: A good balance of fun and steady, but I did wonder a bit about the gender roles. Cop is male, sensible and logical. Toni is female, seems a bit ditsy but also has a sharp brain and has managed to handle a few of life’s hardships without leaning on men. So there’s that I guess.

Cover and title: Handful of makeup tools, and each title is some form of cosmetic item. It makes for a fun break from the foody mysteries I review, but I miss the food descriptions that happen. Think I’ll return to the foods.

Overall 3 stars. I didn’t like how the murderer was a backgrounder, but the story itself is easy to read and doesn’t tangle up like a cat-attacked ball of yarn. It’s a third-person perspective which does have the unfortunate effect of separating the reader from the main character a little, and I’ve never liked being told what the person is thinking, preferring to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

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