Freewrite tonight. Trying to clear a bit of the mind-space in 10 minutes. I think I’ve actually hit maximum brain storage capacity and can’t conjure up any fun new ideas. The other weekend when coming up with new fanfic ideas has passed; the Secret Things have been less prolific, but only slightly.

Query: what do you guys want to see more of, and less of, on this blog? I want to know what I can improve upon.

No immediate plans for another hiking expedition, but that allows time for a new branch of secret things to happen. I seem to have cleared my mind without really telling you anything new.

My first batch of film arrived today via the courier which is fun, once I learn how to actually put it into the camera I shall go and have fun with it. Learn how to do photography, maybe come up with a selection of the better pieces for posting on the interwebs.

OK, I think I’ve cleared up the cobwebs a bit.


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