Over Coffee (20)

If we were having coffee, you’d first notice the black paint stains on my hands and fingernails. I’ve begun painting, and have an idea laid out ready to complete once the first layer of paint dries. Right now there’s a little canvas, freshly painted black and waiting the next step. Call it a teaching-self thing.

Hang on, I just remembered the idea I had when I was painting. It was a fanfiction idea, and it turns out that I can now add painting to the list of things I can’t do without conjuring up an idea. I’ll just write it down. Turns out nothing is sacred.

I’m on holiday and it feels really good to be relaxing. Later tonight I’ll watch a movie, and pack together supplies for hiking tomorrow. Camera, notebook, magnifying glass… oh, hang on. I’ve been reading too many mysteries.

How are things going with you?


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