Over Coffee (19)

If we were having coffee, I’d be glumly drinking a cold smoothie. I like smoothies, but I burned the hell out of my mouth on some hot food the other day, it’s still tender. Tried to eat a cookie yesterday and the rough crumbs were a great source of pain. I’d like something hot to drink, because the weather’s grim lately and it’d be really cozy.

I’m also envying you that cookie, by the way.

I’d tell you a bit about the week I’ve had at work and barely have to exaggerate some of the stories before either laughing or crying. Personally, I prefer laughing.

Sorry, let me pause for a moment, I have to write down a new story idea. There, done. I have so many sticky-notes papering the inside covers of notebooks and even my computer isn’t safe from the notes. It gets a little crazy.

I’d also tell you about the Secret Thing, Part 2. It happened and I dreamed about Part 3 happening, so maybe that will come to pass soon.

How have you been? Tell me a story.

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