Letters to Euturpe: 27

It’s another Thursday that feels like a Friday and I’m wondering if I should stick to reviewing cozy mysteries. Turns out I really like doing them, and they’re probably the main genre in my library now. Hang on, just made a quick little scheme: yes, I’ll do that and hone my ability of being super-honest about a book in under 700 words. Maybe later I will branch out but right now continuity is good.

I’m getting distracted by my YouTube list, it serves as a list of songs I should really buy so I have them all in one place. I forget though, because I have a new financial scheme in place. It’s actually a really damned good incentive. I’ve been plotting mischief, and there will be more details sneaking into the atmosphere in due course.

Oh, that reminds me: I think I said a while ago I was overhauling the Letters? Change in plan, if in fact I did say that, but… er, what was I saying? (YouTube is being stupid) Ah, yes. New prompts will be a full song. Take from it what you will. I’m indecisive, and have spent many a day looking for a single lyric.

And without further ado:

Your new prompt for the week is Mad Man’s Dreams by The Cold and Lovely.


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