illumination, 1.1 (150)

the ocean is still, electrified with the sunlight – sublime, it hurts to look at for more than a few seconds. i’m perched on a lookout point, binoculars in hand and sunglasses slipping down my nose so i can watch the forests.

from here, the water is beyond sparkling; it’s alive, as if it has a story to tell.

(may it tell by pictures then, there’s a novel waiting to be written)

the world is silent up here. the birds don’t venture too close, and the ocean sprawls out into infinity. there’s nothing left for me but to capture this, but even the most liberal application of metallic won’t do it justice.

my eyes hurt no matter where i look, so i slide the sunglasses – darkest i could find – back up and find a clean page. it’s almost blindingly bright under the sun, and i put away my supplies.

later, then.


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