Adulting, Part 2

I like to think I’ve been adulting hard lately and I’m sleepy. I stared at a couple of blogs looking for a bit of inspiration and came up blank – shocking, since I once commented to someone that I could find inspiration in a cup of coffee.

So, recently I took to gym-going. I went tonight, did a HIIT cycle class and there’s some kind of magical trickery wherein my muscles are barely in agony. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is it shoe or foot? Whatever. Couple of weeks ago I could hobble around, pretend that I was stretching out sore muscles. Apparently there’s a thing called an ice bath. No, thank you.

I think I’m using up a lot of brainpower on Outside Forces of Creative Writing. Did you hear the one about how I went hiking with a friend and then we came up with a whole story idea to cowrite, complete with photography? Now you have. We’ve spent time tonight creating a series of outlines for characters, location… yeah. It’s a whole thing. Watch this space.

Anyway, right now I don’t have much inspiration. I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. New things to come later.


2 thoughts on “Adulting, Part 2”

  1. Inspiration isn’t always cooperative. One thing that helps me is to read a book and write down any words or phrases or even full quotes that just struck a chord with me. Anything that sounded lyrical or made me feel something, you know? But get some sleep! 😉 Take some time to relax and enjoy yourself. ❤


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