Letters to Euturpe: 24

So this was meant to be last week’s post, I typed it all out and failed to post. I was sick though, that’s probably why. It has lessened, thankfully. I’m almost in the mood to begin publicizing the Secret Thing.

Stories… Last week, I finished up a new short story and for some reason I could find very few edits. I was that happy with it. My other work-in-progress has red lines and scribbles and border-annotations all over. It makes editing a pain when I go to bring it all back on to the computer and have to copy over dozens of notes.

I also failed at not buying new eBooks, which has extended the queue of To Be Read out by another pile. (The free ones though – who could resist? They’re literally giving them away)

Your new song challenge comes from Where the Lonely Ones Roam, by Digital Daggers:

Sun’s come up
And there’s no one else around
Meet me in the shadows
Won’t you tell me what you found
You’ve got everything to lose
Yeah I’m waiting on you


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