the gift (1.2) – 150

the tiny box plopped into her lap from over her shoulder, dislodging the book which had fallen closed. the box was no bigger than her palm, wrapped in several rough layers of white paper, and it barely made a sound when she shook it.

this was unusual – normally the gifts she received were opulent, the extravagant and impractical. this didn’t have the promise of any of these, and she pulled a letter-opener from the desk drawer. it’d been enchanted recently, and slid through the layers of paper easily.

underneath lay a little velvet box, and it still didn’t rattle when she shook it. a quick tap of her fingertip verified she was the designated recipient, and the box unfurled until it lay in a glittering fold of fabric. now, she held a crystal, chunky and imperfect, a scroll of paper beside.

it takes whatever form you want it to become.

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