Tales from the Sickbed

Ugggh. I’m coughing like an advert for a cough syrup, only it’s too early for the next dose. Incidentally the syrup I do have is supposedly cherry-vanilla. I don’t think the good folk producing the stuff have met a cherry-product before, and three doses in I’m not detecting any vanilla. Is that some kind of unwritten rule, do you think?

I’ve also been taking lozenges like they’re going out of fashion. Right now it’s cold outside, very it was a dark and stormy night… Earlier, I was watching TV and the episode was set to the lovely backdrop of a dark and stormy night. It was cool, very meta.

OK, there are no sickbed tales. Sorry. I’m going to shuffle off to sleep now, with my non-drowsy medicine. Hmph. Tastes bad and doesn’t even have the courtesy to make a girl drowsy.


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