Over Coffee (12)

If we were having coffee, it’d be a good day for a chai latte. It’s been just crisp enough to keep chill in the air but not quite so cold as to need all the layers during the day.

I’d tell you a bit about the flash fiction I finished writing last night, already gearing up to write the next piece. My mind never stops, you comment – it’s certainly true enough. The chai is good – better than the cafe near my work, which is heavy on the syrup, so that it’s sickeningly sweet. This one has a touch of spice to it, which I always like.

How was your week?

Nothing too eventful happened with mine – just another pace of working to an odd roster and borrowing too many books from the library. I may not get the time to finish them all, but I just finished one skinny book and didn’t like it too well. There may be time yet.

I’m also alluding to a new Secret Project which I plan to begin working on this week. Mischief won’t create itself, you know.

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