Day 232

It’s a Friday, theoretically, but my weekend began last night so now I have a degree of confusion about which day it is, exactly. I’ve spent some of the day fixing up my Kobo library because I had 200 books in the Reading queue and that’s only a slight exaggeration – now I only have one in the Reading list. Just a couple… er… hundred more.

Can’t think of what to write tonight either. I spent the day tearing apart and rebuilding a story, so now I have the good draft waiting – I just need to mop up any Glaring Errors of Sadness and then it’s got secret plans. The story had a semi-decent storyline going and I liked the main character, but the beginning section overpowered the general body of the story. Kind of like essay-writing, really, but I tore that lot down and reworked it.

Hopefully it will pass for something that refers to sense. This is maybe the one thing I don’t like about flash fiction – that you have to have a story begin and end in just a short wordspan.

Argh, sleepy. Credit card bill turned out to be less than expected by a decent amount, which is nice. I like it when that happens. Spent some time doing my banking and “adulting”, which is a strange thing. Had a new idea for a story and came up with a new plan.

May need to take up that new trend of “bullet-journal” writing to make sure everything gets done because also you can’t rely on technology. I bought a journal that’s a couple shades off from peppermint and I don’t understand “washi” tape so coloured pencils it is.

OK. The ten minutes is up. Finish here for the night and tomorrow is the weekly coffee catch-up.

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